At Hunt & Hackett, we operate on the frontlines of cyberconflicts to safeguard European companies in a range of sectors. Our security experts have in-depth knowledge of the current threat landscape, and we believe that by giving this knowledge back to the community we can enhance our collective resilience.

Explore our downloads, including guides, white papers, case studies and incident response reports. Stay informed in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

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Customer Case Study: Monta increases its cyber resilience

Learn how Monta implemented MDR to gain real-time visibility into its digital environment and secure its most critical assets.

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NIS2: What is it and how should we prepare for it?

NIS2 aims to strengthen cybersecurity networks across a variety of sectors in the EU. What exactly is changing then, and what measures should be taken in preparation?

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Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

This guide gives you an introduction to the world of MDR and its related components like Security Operation Centre (SOC), detection logic, rule writing and incident response.

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Incident response rapport

Incident Response Rapport: Red Mudnester

Een ransomware-aanval op de Gemeente Buren zorgde ervoor dat de dienstverlening stil kwam te liggen. Hunt & Hackett werd ingeschakeld om de schade te beperken en de oorzaak te vinden.

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MDR buyer's guide

This guide describes the essential components for a modern SOC and outlines the elements that will be crucial for an MDR service in the coming years, with the goal of enhancing resilience against advanced cyber-attacks.

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Detecting targeted attacks

This white paper addresses the 'detect the undetectable paradox' by emphasizing the significance of detection engineering and behavioral detection logic for organizations that may have to deal with sophisticated attacks.

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Concealed code execution

This research aims to break down these techniques making them accessible for a broader audience to replicate and empowering more individuals to develop robust detection measures.

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REvil: the usage of legitimate remote admin tooling

In this white paper, we will look into the traces left behind by the usage of ScreenConnect remote administration software and how these traces can help defenders with building custom detection.

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Advanced IP Scanner: the preferred scanner in the A(P)T toolbox

This white paper focuses on forensic traces left by AIS that Hunt & Hackett observed during Incident Response cases. The artefacts are useful during an investigation, and shine light on threat actors’ activities.

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