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At Hunt & Hackett, we operate on the frontlines of cyberconflicts to safeguard European companies in a range of sectors. Our security experts have in-depth knowledge of the current threat landscape, and we believe that by giving this knowledge back to the community we can enhance our collective resilience.

Stay informed and connected with our upcoming cybersecurity events. Join us to connect with like-minded peers, discuss industry relevant topics, and leverage the invaluable expertise of our seasoned Hunt & Hackett team members.

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Interactive Ransomware Workshop

Immerse yourself at the heart of a ransomware crisis with this ‘choose your own adventure’ workshop, where the decisions you make steer the course of the session. Benefit from advice and insights from Hunt & Hackett's security experts and gain the tools you need to protect your business against the threat of ransomware.


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Interactive Ransomware Workshop

Due to the high level of demand for our May session, we are holding our ransomware response workshop again in June. During the session, our experts will guide you through the various stages of a ransomware attack, ensuring you are well prepared if such an incident occurs at your own organization.

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Security Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

Join Hunt & Hackett and Xebia in new webinar focusing on enhancing resilience during the transition to the Cloud infrastructure. Gain valuable insights into the importance of security and explore the distinct phases organizations undergo while securing and monitoring both on-premise and cloud environments.

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