A fresh approach

How do our customers become leaders in their respective industries in terms of cybersecurity readiness? By adopting a holistic approach based on five pillars: Intelligence, Assess, Defend, Respond, and Insights.



Today, Advanced Persistent Threat groups (APTs) are sophisticated, well-funded and well-organized. They single out their targets, research them and use methods that leave technology-based security strategies exposed. To identify and stop attackers we educate organizations to understand how their adversaries think and how they operate.

What am I up against?

  • Threat Modeling Workshop
  • Threat Intelligence Services


We proactively evaluate the ability of your organization to effectively prevent, detect, and respond to cyberthreats before they disrupt your business and become headline breaches.

How effective is my security?

  • Security Control Validation
  • Security Program Assessment
  • Ransomware Defense Assessment
  • Active Directory Security Assessment
  • Red Team Assessment
  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Mobile Security Assessment

Is there an attacker in my network?

Am I prepared to respond?

  • Tabletop exercise
  • Response Readiness Assessment


We implement and improve preventive security controls and combine this with managed detection and response services. For this we leverage frontline expertise, industry leading technologies and threat intelligence to detect threats early and help minimize the impact of a breach.

I need help defending against breaches


We resolve security incidents quickly, effectively and at scale with complete incident response. This includes investigation, containment, remediation and crisis management.


We develop insights to develop and mature the security posture of your organization with improved processes and technologies to optimize early detection of threats, containment and remediation capabilities.

I want to grow as an organisation

  • I need a Security Program to improve my maturity
  • I need expert guidance & support to improve my capabilities
  • I need to train my team
  • I need a Security Office as-a-service

Let's outsmart your digital adversaries