Threat Hunting (TH)

We hunt and we hack.

A unique part of our prevention, detection and response strategy is the proactive hunt for evidence. Regardless of the strength of your immune system, there’s always the unknown. Red team assessments can identify some of these threat actors, improving your security posture. In addition to this, our threat hunting service detects breaches missed by even the strongest counter measures, aligning threat assessments, security controls, detection logic and operations.

Why it matters

The importance of the proactive hunt for threats

With modern malware often escaping detection, and techniques from cybercriminals becoming ever so sophisticated, the most fundamental problem with cybersecurity is that organizations often do not realize when they are compromised.


Find the unknowns by proactively hunting for compromises.


Eliminate threat actors after identifying the traces they left.


Avoid entry with a thorough understanding of potential risks, based on your own controls.

Be proactive

Hunting, identifying, eliminating and assessing proactively eliminates future problems.

What’s in it for you?

Some chefs have a signature dish. We have a signature service: threat hunting. Our responsible rebels ensure breaches are detected before they start causing significant damage. We do this by:

  • Identifying unknown threat actors that have breached your defences.
  • Determining how these breaches occur.
  • Evaluating your current security controls and detection logic to ensure they align with the treat landscape of your organization.
  • Continuously providing insights on how you can improve your prevention, detection and response strategies, for example by advising MDR.

Have you been breached?

A prompt response is crucial to develop the best response strategy and to avoid further damage. We recommend you to contact us as early as possible.

Our 24/7 Incident Response Hotline:

+ 31 70 222 0000

Hunting for attackers that bypassed your controls.

How we work

Our Threat Hunting methodology

We know your standards are as high as ours are. That’s why we deploy a proven methodology for each of our services. Explore the iterative phases of our framework for Threat Hunting below.



The project team confirms the project scope: how will we hunt for which actors. We’ll draft and review timeline, milestones, deliverables and resources.


We’ll draft a proposal and NDA based on the project scope for your review and sign-off.

Threat Modelling

In this phase we identify relevant APTs and build an hypothesis, partly based on the threat information you provide us about past compromises.


Together with your team we collect and process your data sources and deploy our technology to start with automated analysis.


In this phase we start hunting manually. We assess risks and proactively investigate potential compromises to improve your cyber defences.


All our findings will be summarized in actionable reports that will be shared with you and your team.

Why Hunt & Hackett?

Your trusted ally in cybersecurity

Skills & Expertise

The Hunt & Hackett team has unrivalled expertise and skills, having recruited the top experts from within the world of cybersecurity, incident response, forensics and operations to operate a SOC.


Hunt & Hackett combines both expert analysis of historical forensic evidence and real-time threat detection and hunting, allowing the team to detect attacker activity.

Technology & Tools

The platform allows immediate, real-time visibility into your IT environment, identifying potential compromises and allowing quick action to make sure incidents don’t escalate.

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