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At Hunt & Hackett, we operate on the frontlines of cyberconflicts to safeguard European companies in a range of sectors. Our security experts have in-depth knowledge of the current threat landscape, and we believe that by giving this knowledge back to the community we can enhance our collective resilience. That’s why we are excited to launch a new series of roundtable discussions that will bring together business leaders and cybersecurity experts in an informal setting. These sessions offer a chance to connect with like-minded peers, discuss industry relevant topics, and leverage the invaluable expertise of our seasoned Hunt & Hackett team members.


CyberConnect roundtables will take place on a monthly basis, beginning on September 7. Sign up via the form below or register your interest for a future session.


Hunt & Hackett's new office, located at New Babylon, Anna van Buerenplein, The Hague.

Why attend?

Whether you are a CISO trying to stay ahead of emerging threats, a CFO planning your cybersecurity budget, or a CEO wondering how the NIS2 Directive will impact your business, we want to hear from you. CyberConnect sessions offer the chance to gain knowledge, share ideas, and forge new relationships with industry peers. Forget time consuming presentations and clunky sales pitches - these sessions go straight to the heart of the issue and can be tailored to meet your specific needs and interests.

Upcoming sessions

October 26, 2023
15:30 PM

Preparing for NIS2 (2.0)

Due to the high level of demand for our September roundtable, we are pleased to be holding a second session dedicated to the NIS2 Directive on October 26. Join us to discuss what we know (and don't know) about the Directive's implementation, and what you can do now to prepare. 

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December 7, 2023
15:30 PM

Securing Your Digital Supply Chain

Supply chain attacks pose a significant and evolving threat to organisations worldwide. As demonstrated by the 2020 SolarWinds hack, these attacks are often difficult to detect and can cause ripple effects far beyond the initial target. In this session, we will explore how organizations can maintain visibility over the dependencies in their digital supply chain and utilise detection engineering to increase their resilience against such attacks. 

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