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Take risks. If you win you'll be happy, if you lose, you'll be wiser.

Hunt & Hackett helps European companies prevent, detect and respond to today’s most advanced adversaries, safeguarding them against cyberthreats such as espionage. We don’t stir a bit into security strategies; our talented team of responsible rebels shakes them up to build, operate and maintain digital immune systems for our customers to outsmart their digital adversaries.

To extend our multidisciplinary team we are now hiring a Security Expert. Do you like to work with customers on short projects? Do you get goose bumps from onboarding a new Managed Detection & Response customer, to gain visibility on their digital environment and you have a hands-on keyboard approach? Do you enjoy recalibrating a customer’s cyber security roadmap and underlying security controls to align them with the most serious threats within their threat landscape? Does juggling with detection technology, giving your expert opinion about a proposed solution towards potential customers and fusing this in a proposal get you hyped? Do you belong to the most talented group of Security Experts in the industry – or is this where you plan to be? Are you ready to get your recommendations validated by red teaming experts to see whether your recommendations really hold their own against an advanced adversary? Then Hunt & Hackett might be the next best step in your career.  


Security Expert at Hunt & Hackett

Hunt & Hackett is looking for a security expert aka Swiss knife (we have high demands, but we are realistic as well), who can support our customers on a project basis. These projects can widely vary, based on the request of the customer. Projects you can think of, are amongst others the ones outlined in the section below. If you are able to execute every type of project that would be great, but if just two out of the five described projects align with your skills and competences, that wouldn’t be a showstopper. As said we have high demands, but are realistic as well.

  • [Gap assessments]: work with our customers and our proprietary gap assessment tooling, to determine their current state of security, their desired state of security based on their threat landscape and the gap between those states. You are capable of developing a roadmap based on the gap and to define projects in order to close the gap and make companies more resilient. Such exercises are projects running for approximately 2 months. Every week you spend a couple of hours with the customers (remotely) to do the assessment and provide them with a well written report in the end. The end goal here is not to deliver them fluff, but build a practical, realistic and ambitious roadmap, which helps our customer to reach their next maturity level.
  • [Solution architecting]: together with our sales team you are capable of translating the customers needs/ requirements into a custom Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution. You are responsible for not only designing the solution, but also providing the high level pricing and translating it into a solid proposal. Transparency is key here, meaning that you lead the customer based on their requirements to a MDR solution that fits their needs and budget. Since helping our customers as security partner is the end goal here, we don’t over-promise things, sell them security-salvation, or a silver bullet. It’s your job provide them with the right solution, taking into account their threat landscape, budget and the Hunt & Hackett security capabilities.
  • [MDR customer onboarding] you are capable of managing MDR customer onboardings when a new MDR contract has been signed. This means that you work together with the team to make sure that in a period of 3-6 months the service is implemented on the side of the customer as well as on the side of Hunt & Hackett. You are not only the one who is telling others what to do and being just the project manager, but you have a hands-on keyboard approach as well. Once the customer is onboarded, you stay the point of contact for the customer and sit with them on a quarterly basis to discuss the service during a so-called service meeting.
  • [Incident handling]: when an incident occurs you will work with a team on solving the incident as a digital firefighter. You are the linking pin between the customer and the team doing the investigation. This means that you support them in managing the crisis, determining the course of action with the team and make sure the organization is going back to business as swift as possible. Keep calm and guide the customer through these difficult times is the way you roll. Being a digital firefighter is probably the most intense, but also the most rewarding job in cyber security.
  • [Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS)]: implementing preventive controls and security monitoring is not enough. In the end you would like to know what the effectiveness is of the implemented controls and that’s where BAS comes into play. With BAS you can continuously simulate attack techniques in a real-life environment see if your implemented controls hold up. This creates a feedback loop, to help organizations to continuously improve their security posture and enables them to become more secure overtime, simulation by simulation. In the end knowing is better than believing! It is your job to implement this technology within a customer’s environment and integrate this with the Hunt & Hackett SOC service.


The Hunt & Hackett wish list. The right candidate:

  • [Security expertise]: Background in amongst others pentesting, redteaming, SOC, forensics, Incident Response, or Security consulting. Preferably you have experience in at least two/ three fields of expertise.
  • [Communication]: able to communicate in terms of risks and business with the customer. Capable of translating technical matters in simple terms towards the customer and the other way around to the Hunt & Hackett team
  • [Reporting]: good reporting skills
  • [Technical knowledge]: understand the SOC, TI, IR and forensics processes and how the analysts do their analysis. Additionally, if needed also capable of doing some basic technical tasks himself.
  • [Project management]: has experience in managing projects in a structured manner producing the expected output in time, or does some proper expectation management if the project is going to deviate from the original agreement.
  • [Leadership]: you are capable of leading virtual teams, providing your team members with feedback and make sure they support you in achieving the goals for our customers/ Hunt & Hackett. We are not looking for a people manager, but someone who is actually able to guide the team based on her/his knowledge and experience.

We encourage candidates to reach out and apply, even if you believe you may not meet all the requirements. At Hunt & Hackett, we look at the individual's potential for growth and we are happy to help you build the necessary skills along the way.


What is your wish list? As a minimum, Hunt & Hackett offers you:

  • The opportunity to safeguard Europe’s leading organizations;
  • A unique culture of ‘responsible rebellion’ where you can learn from the best to get the most out of yourself;
  • The most innovative security tools you need to get the job done;
  • Plenty of time and opportunity to develop yourself with regards to SOC, IR, Red Teaming etc.;
  • A proper laptop and phone to get the job done;
  • Proper food intake provided by us, build & enjoyed with the team;
  • A modern pension, which is transparent and can be controlled by yourself;
  • Employee share participation scheme;
  • Compensation for your travel costs.


A culture of ‘responsible rebellion’

Only (very) talented, multidisciplinary teams of threat hunters, intelligence analysts, reverse engineers, data scientists, developers and hackers are able to outsmart the increasingly professional community of cyber attackers. We pride ourselves as a force for the good and as such we think and act as responsible rebels. We are not ‘just another security company’, and our people are not ‘just employees’. Everyone at Hunt & Hackett wants to be the best in their field and focusses at delivering next-gen levels of service. This means that we:

  • Push the envelope. Everyone at our teams takes the responsibility to make our work better every day, by being creative to color outside of the lines if needed.​
  • Help you to become the best version of yourself. We bring together the best minds in the field, to inspire each other and to learn from each other. Personal development and growth are important to us and our customers.
  • Build mission driven teams. We believe in the power of small teams who can focus on strategic tasks, not on repetitive work that can be automated. It’s up to you to make this happen.
  • Believe that God is in the details​. Tiny details can have a huge impact, especially in security. This is why we champion tradecraft. We are system thinkers that oversee the big picture but who are simultaneously obsessive about the details
  • Are Responsible Rebels. We are polite. We are courteous. We show professionalism. Yet we have a plan to kill everyone in the room.

For more information or to apply, send an email to Do note that a pre-employment screening is part of the application and selection process and precedes employment.


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