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Are you the responsible rebel we are looking for?

The most dangerous person is the one who listens, thinks and observes.

Hunt & Hackett helps European companies prevent, detect and respond to today’s most advanced adversaries, safeguarding them against cyberthreats and espionage. We don’t stir a bit into security strategies; our talented team of responsible rebels shakes them up to build, operate and maintain digital immune systems for our customers to outsmart their digital adversaries.
To extend our team we are now hiring an additional Sales & Account Manager. Do you love to build a strategic relation with potential customers for the long term? Are you the team player that can help to collectively land the deal? Do you understand that also the basic administrative work needs to be done? Do you belong to the most talented group of Sales & Account Managers in the market – or is this where you plan to be? Then Hunt & Hackett might be the best next step in your career.  


Sales & Account Manager at Hunt & Hackett

As a Sales & Account Manager at Hunt & Hackett you ultimately understand that sales is a team effort. We are not looking for loners or alpha (fe)males, but someone who is capable to work with those in a commercial team, as well as with your fellow hunters and hackers. This means that you can take ownership over a lead, but are running these leads together as a team in order to collectively design a tailor made solution-package and land the deal.

Furthermore, you are capable of building a tactical plan around a potential deal, detailing who should be involved from a technical perspective, have a clear planning and action plan on how to interact with the end customer and lead the team towards the final proposal, aligned with the (commercial) requirements of the organization. In the end, at Hunt & Hackett we are not aiming for transactional business, but we want to build an actual (security) partner relation with the organization for the upcoming years. To get there, this requires planning, teamwork and dedication. It also requires treating others how we would like to be treated ourselves. We therefore value openness, friendliness, sincerity and (customer) service.

If you would like to solution engineer the deal yourself, or would like to figure out all the details on the technical (security) side, that is great, but not for this role at Hunt & Hackett. We are looking for someone who starts with building a relation with the potential customer, understand that this requires teamwork and goes for the win. While running through the sales process you are aware that your soft skills are the glue in every phase of the relationship. Although this is sometimes heavily underestimated, we see it as the basis and essential skillset that helps you become the trusted advisor of the potential customer.

Finally, the entire sales team at Hunt & Hackett is relatively small, but effective. Our high conversion ratios are driven by our qualification process and the high standard we set ourselves. Since we have a stringent, but realistic qualification process, it is important that you know when to say “no” to a potential customer. This allows both parties to focus their time and energy on the prospects that fit them best.


The Hunt & Hackett wish list. The right candidate:

We are looking for Sales & Account Manager who really is interested in our (potential) customer. You do understand the business issues and can easily convert this into opportunities for Hunt & Hackett. Furthermore:

  • You are capable to work and think on university level;
  • You drive the sale, are creative and cab generate ideas to be successful;
  • Solution selling is your native approach;
  • You have already gained sales experience for a number of years, knowledge of IT and security is a pre;
  • You have excellent Dutch/ English speak- and writing skills;
  • You are not only convincing, but also have a high favor factor;
  • You are eager to learn and want to win, giving up is not for you;
  • You have a commercial drive and are not afraid to approach someone by phone;
  • You are a great listener, have excellent soft skills, excellent at building interpersonal relationships and at the same time know how to get things done. 

What is your wish list? As a minimum, Hunt & Hackett offers you:

  • The opportunity to safeguard Europe’s leading organizations;
  • A unique culture of ‘responsible rebellion’ where you can learn from the best to get the most out of yourself;
  • The most innovative approach to get the job done;
  • Being part of a winning team, with room for fun, learning and developing yourself;
  • A proper laptop and phone to get the job done;
  • A modern pension, which is transparent and can be controlled by yourself;
  • Employee share participation scheme;
  • Compensation for your travel costs.


A culture of ‘responsible rebellion’

Only (very) talented, multidisciplinary teams of threat hunters, intelligence analysts, reverse engineers, data scientists, developers and hackers are able to outsmart the increasingly professional community of cyber attackers. We pride ourselves as a force for the good and as such we think and act as responsible rebels. We are not ‘just another security company’, and our people are not ‘just employees’. Everyone at Hunt & Hackett wants to be the best in their field and focusses at delivering next-gen levels of service. This means that we:

  • Push the envelope. Everyone at our teams takes the responsibility to make our work better every day, by being creative to color outside of the lines if needed.​
  • Help you to become the best version of yourself. We bring together the best minds in the field, to inspire each other and to learn from each other. Personal development and growth are important to us and our customers.
  • Build mission driven teams. We believe in the power of small teams who can focus on strategic tasks, not on repetitive work that can be automated. It’s up to you to make this happen.
  • Believe that God is in the details​. Tiny details can have a huge impact, especially in security. This is why we champion tradecraft. We are system thinkers that oversee the big picture but who are simultaneously obsessive about the details
  • Are Responsible Rebels. We are polite. We are courteous. We show professionalism. Yet we have a plan to kill everyone in the room.

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