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We are first and foremost experts in cybersecurity, safeguarding European companies against cyberthreats and espionage. Our specialists operate on the frontlines of cyberconflicts to help our customers prevent, detect and respond to today’s most advanced adversaries.

Your challenge

Look up! Look down! Look out!

The foreign interest in EU knowhow, innovation and technology is not only visible through the value of international trade agreements, but also in the increasing cyberthreats and espionage against leading European organizations. 

It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ they will experience a cyberattack. To prevent, detect and respond to today’s most advanced adversaries, CISO’s are challenged with the development of a coherent and holistic approach, versus the traditional technology and compliance-driven cybersecurity strategies allowing attackers to go undetected whilst moving across systems.

This is where Hunt & Hackett comes in. We support CISO’s throughout Europe in their continuous fight to protect against the most advanced groups of attackers, targeting the crown jewels of their companies, while also safeguarding them from less sophisticated cybercrimes such as phishing and ransomware.

How we can help

We hunt and we hack

We make our customers more resilient against any form of cyberthreat by building, operating and maintaining strong digital immune systems. This enables them to embrace digital transformation whilst protecting their most valuable assets. 

Achieving cybersecurity readiness requires a holistic strategy for prevention, detection and response. A strategy focused on proactively hunting for evidence of existing compromise and proactively hacking for validation and improvement. We combine this to enable our customers to navigate through today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape.

Everything we do is based on the frontline expertise we gain from defending Europe’s most innovative organizations against known and unknown APT groups. Insights from these cases guide and inspire us to push the envelope and to develop new ideas, methods and technologies for assessments, attack simulation, threat intelligence, compromise detection and incident response.

Our approach

Your trusted ally in cybersecurity


Today, Advanced Persistent Threat groups (APTs) are sophisticated, well-funded and well-organized. They single out their targets, research them and use methods that leave technology-based security strategies exposed. To identify and stop attackers we educate organizations to understand how their adversaries think and how they operate


We defend our customers by improving preventive security controls, combined with managed detection and response services. To do this we leverage frontline experience with industry leading threat intelligence and technology to detect threats early and to minimize the impact of a breach.



We proactively evaluate the ability of our customers to effectively prevent, detect, and respond to cyberthreats before they disrupt their operations and become headline breaches.


We resolve security incidents quickly, effectively and at scale with complete incident response processes, including investigation, containment, remediation and crisis management.


Develop and mature the security posture of our customers through improved processes and technologies to optimize early threat detection, containment and remediation capabilities.

What makes us different

Shaken. Not stirred.

It’s not our style to stir a bit. We shake up security strategies to build and maintain the strongest possible immune systems. Our specialists operate on the frontlines of cyberconflicts, and we leverage this expertise to develop world-class solutions to protect organizations from what can hurt the most.


Frontline human

Our team of security experts consists out of industry-recognized threat researchers, malware analysts, threat intelligence analysts, threat hunters, data scientists and hackers. They act in the frontlines of cyberconflicts every day, and they love what they are doing.


Our approach to
innovation & tech

With the data and intelligence gathered from our frontline experts we apply data-science techniques to create meaningful insights that guide the design of our solutions and technology. This enables us to address ever-evolving threats and tactics to make our customers more resilient.



We belief in a systems-thinking approach to cyber security. We focus on the way that a system's constituent parts interrelate and work together as a system to form the overall solution. This approach leads to more effective solutions than when technology is applied in isolation.

Noblesse Oblige

Our skilled, talented team of experts follow the most effective actor groups that easily circumvent the latest preventive detection systems as part of their attacks. With the acquired intelligence we simulate these advanced threat actor groups, hack into the trading systems of banks and pension funds, disrupt drink water management systems or exploit the logistics systems of large shipping companies in order to validate their defenses.

Such great knowledge and power comes with an even greater responsibility. We are proud of our intelligence, skills and power, but equally honor the responsibilities that come with that. Noblesse Oblige, indeed.

Responsible Rebels

Only (very) talented, multidisciplinary teams of threat hunters, intelligence analysts, reverse engineers, data scientists, developers and hackers are able to outsmart the increasingly professional community of cyber attackers. We pride ourselves as a force for the good and as such we think and act as responsible rebels.

Our rebellious side enables us to attract the best hackers in the field whilst our mission, training, and culture ensures we deploy our skills responsibly and for the benefit of society. The diversity of our teams lets us combine our hunting and hacking skills in such a way that we think and act the way your most advanced adversaries do.

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